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JEYPEE is an integrated Holistic Sustainable Farm Service Provider Operating since 1992 from Virudhunagar a traditional Agro Commodity Trading and Processing Hub of India. JEYPEE made its foot prints on delivering SUSTAINABLE FARM SOLUTIONS and developed expertise knowledge to offer HOLISTICS SUSTAINABLE FARM SERVICE. JEYPEE for its persistence in delivering at what it believes has been recognized by the Prestigious NATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE from GOVERNMENT OF INDIA in 2006. JEYPEE has made its foot prints in delivering Green Products and Good Agricultural service to address sustainability in farming.

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Farm Connect Service
Private Labeling of Sustainable Inputs Service
Contract Farming for Seed Industry

Seed is the most important and primary Agriculture input. Its quality has a direct impact on production. The need of quality seed has been felt since times immemorial when our farmers thought of selecting good fruits, seeds and planting material to raise healthy crops . The quality of seeds is a major determinant for quality of output of a crop to the farmer. Now with the improved plant breeding technologies new variety are released by agricultural research stations for getting high yielding varieties . Farmers are in constant search of seeds of improved varieties for maximizing the yield per acre in their farms by cultivating such variety released by research station. The variety that are released by the research stations are multiplied as per the Seed Standards in Seed Multiplication Farms for re distribution to farmers as a Quality Seed. The existing farm holdings around 10km radius from Virudhunagar would be utilized for contract farming activity by Seed Industry as per Seed certification Standards and Seeds are processed at our Processing facility.

Our Team


Intense experience in Agro commodity and Inputs Trade. His experience in Agro Input trade and Dhall Processing provides the stewardship for JEYPEE GROUP growth.


Skilled in Agriculture Technology is a sustainable farming enabler and practitioner. Expert exposure in Sustainable Farming, Microbial Biofertilizers, Biopesticides, Biomass recyling and Vermicompost production.


Graduate in Botany. Experienced Farm Service retailer. Excellent Communication skill to interact and network farming community. Manages farm service center catering 1500 farm holdings spread over 5000 acres.

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